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In about 2 weeks, you will receive your online gallery full of joy-filled photos of you with your loved ones. You can then download the full album and order prints and albums.


Enjoy your photoshoot experience. It will be fun if you embrace the chaos, enjoy each other, and go with the flow. You will love the photos so much more if you leave your worries behind and are present to bond and cuddle with your family.



If you don’t already have a location in mind, we will help you to choose a location. We will also send you helpful tips to help you choose outfits and style your family, prepare infant and young kids, organize a room in your house, and pack for the session.



Fill out our inquiry form and let us know what your photography need is and your vision. If we are a good fit, we will choose a date, sign agreement, and get you in our calendar.


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How it works

Following your session, you'll first receive a proofing gallery with all the unedited, low-resolution images. This allows you to select your preferred photos up to the number included in your chosen package. Once you've made your choices, we will meticulously edit each selected image. Expect an email containing your final gallery links within 2 weeks. From this gallery, you can directly download the professionally edited digital photos.

after the session

During the session, I usually start with some standard poses and allow room for everyone to warm up. Especially for the little ones, many of them need slightly more time at the start to feel comfortable with unfamiliar face. Then, be prepared for silly jokes, funny noises, and high energy! I will suggest family games and activities, you can also plan a few, that allow the family to cuddle together to get some together photos. I will also work with individuals to get the mother and son, father and daughter, son, and daughter alone etc. photos to give everyone the chance to shine. If you are worried about how to pose, what to do with your hands, etc., don't worry, I've got you covered! I'll be prompting you, so you look at your best. I take LOTS of photos during the short time that we're together, including a lot of candid photos. 

during the session

About 1 to 2 weeks prior, you will receive an email reminder of the up-coming session with location details . We will monitor the weather closely as it gets closer to the day, If the session needs to be rescheduled due to rain or bad weather, that will be communicated through instant text message and confirm with email. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

before the session

ONce booked,
what to expect

It is recommended to book your newborn, maternity or 1st birthday/ milestone photography session at least 2 weeks in advance. To ensure availability, it's advisable to book a month or two ahead, especially during peak periods like spring, early summer, fall, and the weeks leading up to the year-end holiday season. This is particularly important if you desire weekend slots for your photography needs. For wedding photography, you should book the date as soon as the venue is booked and the wedding date is set. 

During the photoshoot, as professional photographers, we will provide clear directions and guidance on posing to capture beautiful portraits. Whether it's an outdoor photography session or an indoor setting, we have extensive experience in candid and lifestyle photography. Our aim is to create authentic and heartfelt moments that reflect the couple’s or the family's unique dynamics.

Once you've booked your photography session, we will send you a Photography Experience and Styling Guide to assist you in selecting the perfect outfits for your family. Coordinating colors, textures, and styles can enhance the overall aesthetic of your family or couple portraits, ensuring a cohesive look.

For all indoor photoshoot, such as in-home newborn, maternity, and family sessions, we will bring professional studio lighting and backdrops. Additionally, for newborn photography sessions, we have a wide selection of newborn photography props available to create adorable and memorable portraits. As experienced newborn photographer, we utilize these props to create sleepy newborn poses. We also some props for first birthday and will provide picnic mats/cloths for outdoor family photography. 

Absolutely! Our family photography packages allow siblings and family members to be included in the session. We understand the importance of capturing the bond and love shared among family members, and we strive to create memorable portraits that showcase these connections.

The duration of the photography session depends on the package chosen and the number of desired images. Our family photography packages include specified time duration, ensuring we have enough time to capture a variety of poses to provide you with a collection of beautiful photographs to choose the specified number of images. 

Certainly! We encourage you to share any specific poses or shots you have in mind prior to the session. As professional people photographers, we value your ideas and will work closely with you to incorporate them into the session. While we strive to create images in a style consistent with our portfolio, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests.

All our photography packages include digital images, allowing you to preserve and share your precious memories. While a few packages include physical prints, you also have the option to purchase prints directly from the gallery we provide. We have partnered with Miller's Professional Imaging, a trusted photo printing company, to ensure the highest quality prints for our clients.

Yes! In addition to the images included in your chosen package, we often provide extra edited images. If you wish to purchase additional digital files or prints, you can do so directly from the gallery we deliver to you.

For detailed information about our family photography packages and pricing, please contact us directly. We offer a range of packages tailored to meet different needs, ensuring you find the option that suits you best.

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