Capturing New Beginnings with a Growing Family

January 29, 2024

Hello, I’m Steven, a photographer specializing in in-home newborn and family photography in Howard County, Maryland. Recently, I revisited a wonderful family, a couple with two lively boys, in their cozy home. We celebrated a special occasion this year: the arrival of their newborn daughter, a real little princess.

Capturing the Newest Addition in Howard County

This session was all about welcoming their new sister. I’m always touched by the privilege of documenting these early, irreplaceable moments. The family’s home in Howard County provided the perfect setting, filled with love and warmth.

Lifestyle Photography: Candid and Personal

We focused on lifestyle newborn photography, especially in the baby’s nursery. My aim is to capture life in its true form – the candid, beautiful moments that define a family. Whether it’s in Woodstock, Ellicott City, Columbia, or the broader Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas, these intimate sessions bring out the unique story of each family.

A Palette of Neutrals and Pinks

The family chose a harmonious theme of neutral whites for their outfits, complemented by blush and pink newborn props. This combination created a serene, beautiful backdrop that highlighted the newborn’s innocence.

From Baltimore to Washington D.C.: Documenting Family Love

Each photograph from this session in Howard County, Maryland, is a testament to the family’s journey and love – the soft smiles, gentle embraces, and the tender moments between siblings. These are the memories that families in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and surrounding areas cherish forever.

A Heartfelt Thank You

As I packed up my camera, I was filled with gratitude for being a part of this family’s story. If you’re in Howard County, Ellicott City, Woodstock, Columbia, Baltimore, or Washington D.C., and want to capture your family’s special moments, I’d be honored to help. Let’s create beautiful, lasting memories together.

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