Family photo shoot a Princeton NJ

February 3, 2022

at Prospect House & Garden, Princeton University, Princeton NJ


Concerning about children not behaving during a scheduled family photo session? You are not alone. One of the benefits of hiring a professional family photographer is that heshe has had hundreds of hours of experience photographing families, children young and old, and babies and encountered all kinds of situations and “behavior”.  Many parents worry “what if my little one has woken up on the wrong side of the bed?” “what if she falls asleep in the car and needed to be awaken just before the shoot?” “what if she gets more nervous and timider facing a stranger pointing the camera at her?” Talk to the photographer, trust him, and let him helps you to get the best from your children and capture those beautiful natural expressions that you’re after.

That’s what a professional family photographer was trained to do and deliver, and that’s the value of hiring a pro family photographer.