In-Home Newborn Session: Patience is the key

September 7, 2022

People say that patience is a virtue, and this is especially true for a newborn photographer! It is impossible to predict when your few-weeks-old newborn will sleep and be most comfortable and cooperative. It often takes a lot of time to soothe and clam the baby even just after feeding. This can be quite stressful for both parents, if they did not expect this.

This is the reality of newborn photography.

Parents, if your newborn cries and has difficulty falling asleep, you are not alone.

We do have some tricks, but for some babies, after all the diaper change, feeding, burping, and soothing  we would wait patiently.

Just like this couples, at the end, you will still get beautiful shots of an adorable sleepy baby that will surely melt hearts for years to come!