Two-year-old at Prospect Garden, Princeton, NJ

May 13, 2022

The period around when a toddler turned 2 is truly magical. These little boys’ and girls’ vocabulary exploded. Everyday, they learn new communication skill so that they can tell the adults what they want and what we can do for them. Their personalities become clearer as they start to express themselves better. Though these cute little humans do sometime drive their parents crazy, this period won’t last long. Take some time and get those lovely parents and toddle moments documented. The nosey-nosey kisses, walking by your side with her little hand grapping tightly on your fingers, those giggling while you pretend to chase him around, snuggling closely and leaning her head onto your shoulder, these sweet moments are priceless and will help you and your little ones to remember and relive this unique stage of life that you shared for years to come.